better measuring the value of human lives


The Initiative to Value Human Life (IVHL) is a non-profit organisation seeking to better understand how the value of human lives are measured by individuals, corporations, governments and other organisations. By doing so we aim to make the valuing of human life more transparent to enhance the quality of life, enhance sustainability, improve and save lives, and improve decision making.

Calculating the statistical value of human lives is an important public policy tool in areas such as health care and the transport safety sector; and it could be equally as important for international development, disaster management, urban resilience and peace building, international humanitarian law, the protection of refugees, social and ethical finance, and the broader UN Sustainable Development Goals. Because of its significance, the process of valuing a human life needs to be as rigorous as possible. Yet there is no international standard for valuing human lives.

Our focus is threefold:

Firstly, to understand and capture the different approaches used to measure the value of a human life. Cataloguing methodologies may assist identifying gaps where value of human life measurement is lacking and further work needs to be done.

Secondly, to create awareness, disseminate best practice and create tool kits to assist individuals and organisations develop best approaches.

Thirdly, to conduct research into the measurement of the value of human life.